Participate in Australian Arbitration Week

We are pleased to announce that Australian Arbitration Week 2022 will be held in the week of 7-11 November 2022 in Melbourne.

In response to rapidly growing interest and to manage, where possible, duplication of topics and overlap of any events aimed at the same audience, organisations interested in participating in Australian Arbitration Week 2022 must submit the following information to ACICA (by email to before 31 May 2022:

  • Event title
  • Brief description/tentative program for the proposed event (100 words)
  • Proposed speakers (even if not confirmed)
  • Three preferences in terms of the date and time for your event
  • Venue or format/platform (virtual, webinar or otherwise)
  • Intended audience
  • Identification of the appropriate contact person managing the event
  • Confirmation of the participating organisation’s commitment to the Australian Arbitration Week Principles.

Proposals will be reviewed by ACICA and the date and time of your event confirmed to the participating organisation in writing. Please note the following:

  • While ACICA will make every effort to offer a participating organisation one of its preferred time slots, this may not be possible in every instance.
  • Exclusivity in time slots is not guaranteed. ACICA will make every effort to ensure that events that will run concurrently in the Calendar are intended for different audiences.

Once your event has been confirmed, participating organisations must submit the following information for inclusion in the Australian Arbitration Week Calendar of Events before 31 August 2022:

  • Host organisation logo
  • Flyer for event
  • Registration link

All participating organisations will need to pay a participation fee of AUD250 plus GST* per event for the above service, which will cover inclusion of your event in the Australian Arbitration Week Calendar of Events and any related marketing materials.

If you have any questions, please contact

* There is no participation fee applicable for not-for-profit organisations.